Sunday, 29 September 2013

Social Network Connectivity

Agriya has always a determined methodology to project them and successfully attain the path of success. Bythe way, Agriya made a keen research on the crowdfunding industry and developed a reliable product called SF Platform, a consistent kickstarter clone script.

It has several indefinite features which makes the software more accessible and effective. Out of the several beneficial features, let’s have a look on one of the most beneficial feature as follows.

Connectivity plays a prominent role in exposing the projects to the outside world. So Agriya formulated a simple and effective feature called social login connectivity. So now there is no need for a user to have an individual external logins.

 They can get connected with the fundraising website through any of the social networking medium. They can stick with the site at any time using their social login credentials. This makes them to associate with the fundraising software easily.

Similarly, Agriya includes several benefit making features and revenue options with the popular crowdfunding software. To know more about this exclusive product, feel free to contact Agriya and get your queries resolved.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Ideas for using fundraising software

Agriya logically observes the ongoing demands of the crowdfunding industry and favors their businesses by means of effective crowdfunding product called SF Platform, a result-oriented kickstarter clone script. This trendy fundraising software is intellectually configured with several revolutionary features and options which benefits both the admin as well as the users of SF Platform.

Innovative thoughts can be emerged at any point of time. To value such effective thoughts, crowdfunding script is equipped with a special feature called “Ideas system”. By enabling this powerful feature, literally every idea has submitted as an idea not as projects.

Once the admin approves the submitted ideas, then only it turned out as a projects and open for funding. This feature mainly facilitates the admin to maintain their fundraising website with more consistent projects, which results in the site gets increased traffic rates.

Final Word :

Agriya strategically correlates several business friendly features with this exclusive fundraising software. To know about various aspects of this crowdfunding script, contact Agriya and resolve your queries and suggestions as well.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Reward feature for fundraising software

Agriya always have a consistent research methodology to obtain an effective strategy thereby developed as a successful solution. By the way, Agriya found out the successful mechanism of crowdfunding industry and its proven benefits leads to a emergence of multi-beneficial kickstarter clone script called SF Platform.

This multi – beneficial fundraising software consist of indefinite range of useful features and benefits. Out of the numerous benefits, let’s explore one of the optimal feature as follows.

Encouragement and appreciations are the most expected factors for the human community to boost up their participation and interest. By means of valuing their interest, SF Platform has effectively integrated a brainy feature called “Rewards System”.

Here once the project gets funded and it reached the funding limit, the project owner can offer some complimentary benefits to the backers whoever funded the project. This will be a great encouragement to the backers to contribute their effort in future.

Final Word :

Likewise, SF Platform has several splendid features and revenue generating options. To know more about the exclusive functionality and its process flow, feel free to contact Agriya and resolve your queries related to this fundraising software efficiently.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Overfunding of fundraising software

Agriya always calculates the demand and opportunities of the ongoing trend, thereby rendering benefits to their clients by means of its effective products and services. By the way, Agriya observes the trend of fundraising industry and formulated an effective product called SF Platform,an exclusive Kickstarter clone script. This powerful fundraising software is fully equipped with several beneficial features and monetary benefits. Out of the effective features,Let’s have a look around on a crucial feature as follows.

Why should we under estimate our projects, if there is an abundant expectations and demands exist. By means of covering this crucial option, Agriya effectively integrated a successful strategy called “overfunding”.
Project owner can enable this efficient option, whereby they can keep their projects for extended period beyond the funding period of the project.

While posting the project for funding, Project owner is prompted to a choice that, to enable the option “Overfunding”. So by checking this option, their project will be active even after the project gets reached the funding amount. This will actually helps the project owner to yield more fund beyond their expected fund.

Final Word :

Likewise, SF Platform is completely equipped with several indefinite features which are highly optimized with the customer expectations. To know more about this exclusive fundraising software, feel free to contact Agriya and resolve all your queries.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Translation Feature For Using Fundraising Software

Agriya always monitors the ongoing trends and grab the opportunity effectively. Likewise, it observes the crucial demands of crowdfunding strategy and effectively launched a fundraising product called SF Platform. This exclusive crowdfunding script is highly featured with several advanced features. Out of that successful feature, let’s have a look on an energetic feature as follows.

There is no restriction with the Linguistic factor as when we consider this exclusive fundraising software. This SF Platform is specially integrated with translation module, so that the site is capable of running in any of the region wherever the webmaster feels to launch. We facilitate the web admin by offering the translation in two sophisticated methods.

Webmasters can translate the site manually by embedding the translation files with the help of admin panel. On the other hand, they can utilize the optimal Google translator and easily translate the site content. This greatly helps them to spread the scope of fundraising website to any parts of the world.

This facilitates admin to make their fundraising software to be an effective rivalry among their sustainable competitors.

Final Word :

Still more beneficial features are configured in this refreshing crowdfunding website. To know more about this effective fundraising script, feel free to contact Agriya and check the demo to the core functionality.

Affiliate Feature For Fundraising Software

Agriya always observes the needs effectively and provide an optimal solution by means of their innovative efforts. By the way, Agriya gathers an abundant benefit of crowdfunding industry and formulated an advanced product called SF Platform. This popular product featured several effective features. Out of that, one of the popular feature as follows.

Exposure is a prominent factor to make the website as well as a project to gain more visibility. Hence   Agriya clearly calculated this scenario and integrated the affiliate module in to this exclusive fundraising software. Here admin can define a commission to the referred user. So once the user becomes an affiliate, then they can drive traffic to this fundraising software. For each referral, affiliate will get a definite commission to their paypal account. This greatly assists the web admin to gain increased traffic to their site.

This is just a sample feature which greatly enriches the functionality of this exclusive fundraising script. To get to know more data about this efficient fundraising software, contact Agriya and check out the demo to the core functionality ,thereby resolve all your queries.

Escrow Feature For Using Fundraising Software

Agriya determines the customer’s expectation and react on time forever. By effectively measuring the demands of the fundraising sector, they developed an efficient crowdfunding platform product called SF Platform. This powerful feature is highly optimized by integrating several features in it. So let’s explore one of the essential features of this powerful SF Platform as follows.

Payment channels are the essential element while processing payments. So we made a thorough study on this crucial factor and formulated a successful strategy called Escrow system. Here the project owner and the backers get protected due to the reliability of this payment channel. Once the project gets funded and reached the target value, Escrow releases the payment to the project owner by deducting the commission amount. And if the project holder blocks the payment, then funded money will be credited to the concern backer’s PayPal account.

Likewise, SF Platform is effectively integrated with numerous beneficial features. So to know more about this exclusive fundraising software, feel free to contact Agriya and resolve your queries related to this product by check our SF Plaform demo to the core and observe the maximum benefit out of this lucrative industry.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Geo-targeting feature for fundraising software

Agriya always forecasts the demands of any growing sectors, thereby efficiently meet the demands and exert the benefit to their users. Likewise, it wisely identified the fundraising industry as a ever profitable industry and sustain in the competitive market by developed a power packed fundraising product called Sf Platform. This advanced fundraising script has unlimited number of features which facilitates the webmaster as well as the users. Among the successful features, let’s explore a crucial element of fundraising platform as follows.

There is absolutely not a problem to make the fundraising software to be compatible to region wise compatible. We at Agriya intellectually configured the geo-targeting feature, whereby the users can conveniently view the projects in the selected region. Say for an instance, if a user wishes to search projects from Chicago, then they can easily view them by selecting the region itself.  It is a flexible concept for every visitor to choose their preferred projects from their selected area.

Final Word :

Agriya never bound themselves to a limited scope of innovation. So to enhance the script functionality, we effectively integrated several beneficial features to the web admin as well as to the users. To know more about this exclusive fundraising script, feel free to contact Agriya and check the product demo to the core functionality.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Flexible Commission Feature For Fundraising Software

Everyone is having an innovative ideas and logic's but due to insufficient fund, several logical concepts are remains as a concept. Agriya intellectually observes the nature of situation and developed an effective crowdfunding script called SF Platform. This excellent fund raising software is featured with many significant features. Out of the best features, let’s have a look on an essential feature of SF Platform as follows.

Flexible Commission : 

SF Platform is smartly developed in such way it makes more beneficial to the web site admin not only in terms of professionally designed features but also effectively integrated several compatible revenue mechanisms. Website admin can choose the mode on how to get the commission, whether it is a percentage or a fixed amount.

 If he selects the commission as percentage, then the specified percentage of commission will be paid to the admin or else the commission will be amount which is defined in the commission settings.

This facilitates the site admin to obtain the commission in according with their convenience.

Final word :

Likewise, SF Platform has plenty of effective features and revenue streams. Feel free to contact Agriya to know more about this efficient fundraising software and check out the demo to the core functionality.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Project Fund Management For Fundraising Software

Unity is strength and is this strength is used properly it can boost the economies of various nations around the world. From such concept the idea of crowdfunding is evolved.

Agriya took an initiative to develop a crowdfunding script which will help you to start a kickstarter clone website in a short span of time. This script is popular in the online world due to its extraordinary features and inbuilt revenue options.

Let’s have look on one of the captivating features of this script.

Project Fund Management :

This feature allows the users to add a project, mention the details about it and request for funds. This feature acts like a soul to the entire script. On the other hand the admin can view these projects and if he feels that it is a spam entry he can delete the project as well.

The admin of the website can flag the project as well. This feature allows him to discover unwanted projects post on website and ban that user.

Final Word :

This is just a sample surprise of fundraising software. To get submerged in the surprise pool, feel free to contact Agriya and check the product demo to the core functionality.

Social Media Connectivity For Fundraising Software

Getting funds for a projects and make them as a real time application is really a toughest task. SF Platform intellectually connect the people who are seeking fund to turn out their idea as a real time projects and peoples who are willing to encourage them in terms of monetary aspects.

Here in the SF Platform, we intellectually integrated so many features. Let’s see one of the essential features as follows.  

Social Media Connectivity :

Social media is a young refreshing way to connect youth, entrepreneurs and people all around the world. Users from all the walks of life use social media. In order to associate them easily on your crowdfunding website, Agriya has specially developed a social media connectivity feature.

With the use of this feature, users and investors can log in your website within few clicks. They do not have to go through the registration and log in process.  This comforts the users to log in and register on his website.

Final Word :

This crowdfunding platform always favors the webmasters by offering so many features and revenue making benefits. So to know more about the SF Platform script, feel free to contact Agriya and check the product demo to the core functionality.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Paypal Payment Gateway

These days getting fund for an idea and convert them as a real time application is really a complicated task. So by determining this crucial demand, Agriya developed a successful crowdfunding script called SF Platform. This energetic SF Platform script has several beneficial features which makes the users as well as the webmasters gets satisfied and provide a positive response about the script. Let’s have a look on one of the crucial feature called PayPal adaptive payment gateway.

PayPal Payment Gateway :

Agriya has specially integrated the paypal adaptive payment gateway to provide an hassle free payment experience to users and the webmaster. When a projects gets funds, the webmaster gets the site commission credited in his account, the transaction fees of paypal is automatically deducted and the pledge amount to the concern project owner. This feature reduces the complexity of payment mechanism and thereby adds more comfort to the users, admin and the investors.

Final Word :

SF Platform is highly optimized in such a way to provide ultimate benefits to the webmasters and thereby they have to yield indefinite range of monetary benefits. So to know more details about this exclusive fundraising software, feel free to contact Agriya and check the SFPlatform demo.