Sunday, 22 September 2013

Affiliate Feature For Fundraising Software

Agriya always observes the needs effectively and provide an optimal solution by means of their innovative efforts. By the way, Agriya gathers an abundant benefit of crowdfunding industry and formulated an advanced product called SF Platform. This popular product featured several effective features. Out of that, one of the popular feature as follows.

Exposure is a prominent factor to make the website as well as a project to gain more visibility. Hence   Agriya clearly calculated this scenario and integrated the affiliate module in to this exclusive fundraising software. Here admin can define a commission to the referred user. So once the user becomes an affiliate, then they can drive traffic to this fundraising software. For each referral, affiliate will get a definite commission to their paypal account. This greatly assists the web admin to gain increased traffic to their site.

This is just a sample feature which greatly enriches the functionality of this exclusive fundraising script. To get to know more data about this efficient fundraising software, contact Agriya and check out the demo to the core functionality ,thereby resolve all your queries.

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