Sunday, 22 September 2013

Escrow Feature For Using Fundraising Software

Agriya determines the customer’s expectation and react on time forever. By effectively measuring the demands of the fundraising sector, they developed an efficient crowdfunding platform product called SF Platform. This powerful feature is highly optimized by integrating several features in it. So let’s explore one of the essential features of this powerful SF Platform as follows.

Payment channels are the essential element while processing payments. So we made a thorough study on this crucial factor and formulated a successful strategy called Escrow system. Here the project owner and the backers get protected due to the reliability of this payment channel. Once the project gets funded and reached the target value, Escrow releases the payment to the project owner by deducting the commission amount. And if the project holder blocks the payment, then funded money will be credited to the concern backer’s PayPal account.

Likewise, SF Platform is effectively integrated with numerous beneficial features. So to know more about this exclusive fundraising software, feel free to contact Agriya and resolve your queries related to this product by check our SF Plaform demo to the core and observe the maximum benefit out of this lucrative industry.

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