Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Flexible Commission Feature For Fundraising Software

Everyone is having an innovative ideas and logic's but due to insufficient fund, several logical concepts are remains as a concept. Agriya intellectually observes the nature of situation and developed an effective crowdfunding script called SF Platform. This excellent fund raising software is featured with many significant features. Out of the best features, let’s have a look on an essential feature of SF Platform as follows.

Flexible Commission : 

SF Platform is smartly developed in such way it makes more beneficial to the web site admin not only in terms of professionally designed features but also effectively integrated several compatible revenue mechanisms. Website admin can choose the mode on how to get the commission, whether it is a percentage or a fixed amount.

 If he selects the commission as percentage, then the specified percentage of commission will be paid to the admin or else the commission will be amount which is defined in the commission settings.

This facilitates the site admin to obtain the commission in according with their convenience.

Final word :

Likewise, SF Platform has plenty of effective features and revenue streams. Feel free to contact Agriya to know more about this efficient fundraising software and check out the demo to the core functionality.

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