Thursday, 19 September 2013

Geo-targeting feature for fundraising software

Agriya always forecasts the demands of any growing sectors, thereby efficiently meet the demands and exert the benefit to their users. Likewise, it wisely identified the fundraising industry as a ever profitable industry and sustain in the competitive market by developed a power packed fundraising product called Sf Platform. This advanced fundraising script has unlimited number of features which facilitates the webmaster as well as the users. Among the successful features, let’s explore a crucial element of fundraising platform as follows.

There is absolutely not a problem to make the fundraising software to be compatible to region wise compatible. We at Agriya intellectually configured the geo-targeting feature, whereby the users can conveniently view the projects in the selected region. Say for an instance, if a user wishes to search projects from Chicago, then they can easily view them by selecting the region itself.  It is a flexible concept for every visitor to choose their preferred projects from their selected area.

Final Word :

Agriya never bound themselves to a limited scope of innovation. So to enhance the script functionality, we effectively integrated several beneficial features to the web admin as well as to the users. To know more about this exclusive fundraising script, feel free to contact Agriya and check the product demo to the core functionality.

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