Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Project Fund Management For Fundraising Software

Unity is strength and is this strength is used properly it can boost the economies of various nations around the world. From such concept the idea of crowdfunding is evolved.

Agriya took an initiative to develop a crowdfunding script which will help you to start a kickstarter clone website in a short span of time. This script is popular in the online world due to its extraordinary features and inbuilt revenue options.

Let’s have look on one of the captivating features of this script.

Project Fund Management :

This feature allows the users to add a project, mention the details about it and request for funds. This feature acts like a soul to the entire script. On the other hand the admin can view these projects and if he feels that it is a spam entry he can delete the project as well.

The admin of the website can flag the project as well. This feature allows him to discover unwanted projects post on website and ban that user.

Final Word :

This is just a sample surprise of fundraising software. To get submerged in the surprise pool, feel free to contact Agriya and check the product demo to the core functionality.

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