Thursday, 26 September 2013

Reward feature for fundraising software

Agriya always have a consistent research methodology to obtain an effective strategy thereby developed as a successful solution. By the way, Agriya found out the successful mechanism of crowdfunding industry and its proven benefits leads to a emergence of multi-beneficial kickstarter clone script called SF Platform.

This multi – beneficial fundraising software consist of indefinite range of useful features and benefits. Out of the numerous benefits, let’s explore one of the optimal feature as follows.

Encouragement and appreciations are the most expected factors for the human community to boost up their participation and interest. By means of valuing their interest, SF Platform has effectively integrated a brainy feature called “Rewards System”.

Here once the project gets funded and it reached the funding limit, the project owner can offer some complimentary benefits to the backers whoever funded the project. This will be a great encouragement to the backers to contribute their effort in future.

Final Word :

Likewise, SF Platform has several splendid features and revenue generating options. To know more about the exclusive functionality and its process flow, feel free to contact Agriya and resolve your queries related to this fundraising software efficiently.

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