Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Social Media Connectivity For Fundraising Software

Getting funds for a projects and make them as a real time application is really a toughest task. SF Platform intellectually connect the people who are seeking fund to turn out their idea as a real time projects and peoples who are willing to encourage them in terms of monetary aspects.

Here in the SF Platform, we intellectually integrated so many features. Let’s see one of the essential features as follows.  

Social Media Connectivity :

Social media is a young refreshing way to connect youth, entrepreneurs and people all around the world. Users from all the walks of life use social media. In order to associate them easily on your crowdfunding website, Agriya has specially developed a social media connectivity feature.

With the use of this feature, users and investors can log in your website within few clicks. They do not have to go through the registration and log in process.  This comforts the users to log in and register on his website.

Final Word :

This crowdfunding platform always favors the webmasters by offering so many features and revenue making benefits. So to know more about the SF Platform script, feel free to contact Agriya and check the product demo to the core functionality.

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