Sunday, 29 September 2013

Social Network Connectivity

Agriya has always a determined methodology to project them and successfully attain the path of success. Bythe way, Agriya made a keen research on the crowdfunding industry and developed a reliable product called SF Platform, a consistent kickstarter clone script.

It has several indefinite features which makes the software more accessible and effective. Out of the several beneficial features, let’s have a look on one of the most beneficial feature as follows.

Connectivity plays a prominent role in exposing the projects to the outside world. So Agriya formulated a simple and effective feature called social login connectivity. So now there is no need for a user to have an individual external logins.

 They can get connected with the fundraising website through any of the social networking medium. They can stick with the site at any time using their social login credentials. This makes them to associate with the fundraising software easily.

Similarly, Agriya includes several benefit making features and revenue options with the popular crowdfunding software. To know more about this exclusive product, feel free to contact Agriya and get your queries resolved.

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