Sunday, 22 September 2013

Translation Feature For Using Fundraising Software

Agriya always monitors the ongoing trends and grab the opportunity effectively. Likewise, it observes the crucial demands of crowdfunding strategy and effectively launched a fundraising product called SF Platform. This exclusive crowdfunding script is highly featured with several advanced features. Out of that successful feature, let’s have a look on an energetic feature as follows.

There is no restriction with the Linguistic factor as when we consider this exclusive fundraising software. This SF Platform is specially integrated with translation module, so that the site is capable of running in any of the region wherever the webmaster feels to launch. We facilitate the web admin by offering the translation in two sophisticated methods.

Webmasters can translate the site manually by embedding the translation files with the help of admin panel. On the other hand, they can utilize the optimal Google translator and easily translate the site content. This greatly helps them to spread the scope of fundraising website to any parts of the world.

This facilitates admin to make their fundraising software to be an effective rivalry among their sustainable competitors.

Final Word :

Still more beneficial features are configured in this refreshing crowdfunding website. To know more about this effective fundraising script, feel free to contact Agriya and check the demo to the core functionality.

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