Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Static Page Management

Agriya always strive to lead an innovation in the path of success. They have to have an organized methodology to obtain the opportunity and effectively utilize for the user’s sake. Likewise, Agriya has made a consistent analysis on the ever booming crowdfunding industry and formulated SF Platform, an effective kickstarter clone script.

 This script is exclusively gifted with several beneficial features and revenue making benefits. Out of the indefinite features, let’s have a look on a significant feature as follows.

With the help of this consistent feature, footer links can be easily manages and access. Admin can conveniently work with the footer links and they can easily create, edit, and delete the static content. Then once the content is ready, and then they can publish it.

Similarly, SF Platform is blessed with numerous worthy features and functional benefits. To obtain all the aspect of this crowdfunding script, feel free to contact Agriya and get solved your queries, so that you can have a crystal clear knowledge on every aspect of this popular crowdfunding website.

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