Thursday, 7 January 2016


In the current trend of the modern world, mobile users consume media, share information, find work, pay their bills, and much more in an online world. Most of the entrepreneurs are looking towards mobile apps to grow their fundraising business successfully and rapidly in the global market with ease. Considering this, Agriya released stunning iPhone applications with advanced technology and enhanced features of our trend-setting Crowdfunding Pledge & Equity scripts.

Entrepreneurs can make use of the remarkable iPhone applications to run your fundraising business successfully at anytime and anywhere with ease. Let us see some major factors of these native iPhone apps.

Today’s Crowdfunding industry satisfies needs of potential investors and fundraisers via different forms of fundraising models such as pledge, equity, lending and donation to fledge their fundraising business in an digital world seamlessly by using technology of mobile app combined with sharing power of social media platforms.

Working functionality of iPhone apps with the flawless user-friendly interface

These iPhone applications assist entrepreneurs and startups to target your users & new visitors frequently and enable you to accomplish a huge success in a global market. Your users will acquire immense experience while pitching out their ideas on projects by using customizable UI on the menu page.

Our interactive iPhone apps will be the right fundraising script for you to bring out huge opportunities and innovative business ideas to get into financial assistance in fundraising industry. With help of the typical iPhone Apps version, Admin can easily access entire operations & functionality of your Crowdfunding campaign at anytime and anywhere seamlessly.

Just within few taps enhance your fundraising business growth and popularity

Entrepreneurs can grab more business dealings from mobile apps within a few taps and enhance your Crowdfunding business growth with popularity. Our next generation apps are configured with prominent features, which help in managing your Crowdfunding business successfully in a seamlessly way.

Final thoughts

Grow your Crowdfunding business with less effort and makes huge success records in the fundraising industry by using our typical iPhone apps version of Crowdfunding equity & pledge. To know more about Agriya’s Crowdfunding iPhone mobile apps: Visit

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